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15 of Australia’s Best Mum and Baby Blogs

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f2 (1)Being a parent is full of questions, tough decisions and first experiences, no matter if you’re a new mum or have years of parenting experience. At bubz’N’mumz we pride ourselves on offering all the gear you need to navigate every aspect of pregnancy, birth and your bub’s first years. But we know it’s just as important to have a community that understands what you’re going through, with whom you can share stories and who can offer advice when you need it most. That’s why we’ve put together a list of our favourite blogs about pregnancy, parenting and motherhood and life with your bub.

But we know you probably have already found the Bub Hub, Kidspot and Essential Baby. What we love, though, are blogs by mums across Australia who share their experiences, the highs and lows, all the most special moments and the toughest times. So we thought we’d put together for you a list of some our favourites:


  1. Mummy to Twins – Suzanne’s a mum to twins living in the Blue Mountains. Her insights on everything from haircuts to sugar highs are worth your visit. Definitely worth reading her article on Making a Safer World for Kids.

  2. Itty Bitty Greenie – This blog written by Donna MacMullin has some wonderful healthy living and eco friendly tips for parents and bubs – a must read is her insightful article on antibacterial products.

  3. Searching For Sanity – Check out this blog if you want to learn and laugh. And with a daughter whose first word was ‘filthy’, you know there’s great stories. Everyone should read 100 Things I Want My Daughter to Know

  4. Precious Now – Suzanne Loveland is a great writer and obviously a compassionate soul. Her blog is a must read for not just parents with children with Down syndrome, but really everyone. If you are struggling with the conflicting emotions of a child with Down syndrome, read her amazing letter here.

  5. Wildlife Fun 4 Kids – A bit different, but a place for lots of great tips to for nature living kids – which is really all kids! Penny has tons of resources to help. Check out the Wombat Mask Printout.

  6. Feather and Nest – This blog features some great writing by Kim, who talks about family life, her home and children – and also engages with her community of readers. Her What’s Your Nesty Style quiz is a guaranteed fun half hour.

  7. Stuff Mums Like – One of the best lifestyle blogs for mums around, with advice that we guarantee mums across Australia will find useful. There’s helpful articles even if you’re not a mum, like this awesome newborn baby gift guide.

  8. Stay at Home Mum – I know we said these are blogs you probably haven’t found, but we had to include one of our absolute favourites – you’ve probably already been there. If not, take our advice and check it out. So many great articles to choose from, but a must read is their article on Decoding Baby Formula.

  9. Just For Daisy – Bekka Joy shares her stories with her two daughters but also her experience and insight as a primary school teacher. So many great stories to read here, but we particularly enjoy the tips for baby yoga.

  10. Teapots and Tractors – Another primary school teacher, Annaleis has so much to share. Go for the insight that only a mum and teacher can provide, but make sure you learn the absolute best way to organise Lego.

  11. Laughing Kids Learn – An amazing site if you’re looking for fun DIY activities. Kate has so many ideas we’d never thought of! Try the DIY Zipper Board or Homemade Puzzles.

  12. Mammajoy – A bit hipper and more fun, Amanda is great at sharing the adventure that motherhood can be, through words and pictures. If you’re ever having a tough day with your young bub, read Just Call Me Glamour Mamma.

  13. The Parenting Files – Another must read, Tahlia is both a mum and a counselor so her perspective is invaluable. Again, so much to choose from, but one of the most valuable articles we’ve read is her tips on How to Get Kids to Eat Their Veggies (this particular article was written by Kate Wengier from Foost).

  14. The Little Mumma – This blog is funny, intense, heart-breaking and beautiful – Angie takes us along for the ride as well as any mum blogger can. You can get lost here for hours – Y Worry is highly recommended!

  15. Bubs in Tow – Great DIY tips, beautiful pictures and fun stories bring you right into Rebecca’s family. A must for Brisbane natives in particular. Try not to smile at some of these pictures.



  1. Mischievous Mum – Choosing 15 just wasn’t enough – we had to add one of our favourites. Full of great tips for mums on staying healthy and feeling good! We really enjoyed one of their recent articles on Making Time for Our Kids – both a chronicle of the month and lessons for everyone.


Did we miss any of your favourites? Email us and let us know. We’ll check it out and maybe include it next time.


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